All of our sales and customer relations are handled in-house.  At Renewable Independence we are 100% customer focused and driven by our commitment to customer satisfaction.  Our owners, Drew Perry and Evan Meek, as well as the rest of our staff, live right here in the greater Denver area and are committed to superior service to the industry and our community.  Whether you are living off-grid in the mountains, or downtown by a light rail station, Renewable Independence can help.  Please contact us today so that we may help you and your family "Take Your Power Back!"


Price Guarantee

Renewable Independence uses the highest quality products and offers the best prices due to our relationships within the Denver business community.  Should you ever have a question about the costs associated with any of our services, we guarantee we will match ANY competitors price for the exact same supplies/work at any stage of your project.  If for some reason we cannot, we will refund your money for the remainder of any unfinished work....GUARANTEED! 


Upgrades & Maintenance

Whether you are putting on an addition to your home, adding a Jacuzzi, having your roof replaced or are simply experiencing pest issues, Renewable Independence has got you covered.  As with any electrical system, upgrades and maintenance are often necessary.  We specialize in all system upgrades and maintenance no matter the reason.  Squirrels and pigeons getting free rent on your roof?  We got you covered!  Leaks and shotty work from your original installation?  We got you covered!  Need a new inverter or need to replace broken panels?  We got you covered!  No matter the issue, Renewable Independence assures you that we can fix it.



Pest abatement

Often times  with roof mounted solar your investment becomes a haven for pests looking for a new home.  Pigeons, squirrels, rats/mice and even hornets and wasps can take up residence under your PV array free of charge!  If it weren't for the damage to your roof, wires and solar system in general....I'm sure you would be happy to provide for these less fortunate critters....but that stuff costs YOU MONEY!  Pest abatement is a pest screening system that can prevent this from ever happening ensuring that you protect your investment in your home and your solar PV system with one easy to apply product.



snow guard

With the Colorado winters often comes layers of snow coverage.  As efficient as new solar technology is, we still have not figured out how to produce energy when the panels are not allowed access to sunlight.  Instead of just accepting the power loss you have an option!  Snow guard allows your PV system to isolate patches of snow which allow the heat from your panels to melt said snow fast, allowing your panels to get that much needed sunlight and produce energy year-round.



Other upgrades & maintenance

Additions, solar carport, complete system upgrade, charging stations, batteries, off grid needs, panel replacement, and more.....just call.....we got you covered!


Whether it be ground mount, roof mount, grid-tied, off-grid, solar, wind, hydro or any other need, Renewable Independence has you covered!  We have a combined 50 years of experience in solar installation, electrical work, design, and project management in the greater Denver area.  We promise every customer that we will never cut corners, always use the highest quality products (right down to every screw and nut), and that we will work within reason to ensure we surpass every clients expectations....every time!




Every solar system will need a little TLC from time to time in order to continue producing the maximum power for which the system is capable.  Over time dirt buildup, chewed wires, electrical grid surges, lightning and a host of other issues can reduce the production of your system by up to 30%, or even completely destroy your system's ability to produce power at all!  This is why, as with any long term investment, proper service is needed to ensure you get the most out of your system.




Often times in Colorado we find ourselves in a situation where getting a feed from the grid to our homes is either cost-prohibitive, or just plain impossible.  At Renewable Independence we specialize in creating power solutions for any situation.  Often times we find that adding a battery bank to a new build, or ditching that gasoline generator, is a lot easier than most people think.  In fact often times a solar system and battery bank can be installed at a comparable price versus bringing in utilities and/or transporting fuel for your generator.  Call us up...lets talk about it!